Life has taken me to many places and asked much of me. In return, I’ve always tried to give at least as much back as I have received. I am the mother of two grown boys who have been my inspiration for the previous 25 years. At this point I am just plain lucky! I get to engage in work that I truly love and work on behalf of families who inspire me every day. My best days are spent helping families learn how their money works, how to grow it, how to protect it, and how to position themselves to spend and enjoy more of it so they are happier now. Whether just starting out or are anticipating retirement, we can help you make sense of what you have so you never have to wonder what you can expect. As a retirement income stream specialist, I help clients secure a retirement income they can never outlive while retaining their ability to leave the legacy they want or that their family needs. Finally, clients will also be taught how to preserve their wealth for generations to come.

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