Financial Planning for Special Needs:
As an advocate for the care and support of your special needs child, I will work to help you protect the public benefits of your loved one now at every stage of his or her life.
Create the largest legacy correctly and avoid inadvertently jeopardizing public benefits.

Ensure that your strategy is carried out in your estate planning documents to minimize taxes, alleviate or drastically reduce Medicaid Payback opportunities, and develop a coordinated care and support strategy while maintaining financial flexibility and including as many guarantees as possible.

A Women's Wealth
Women of Generation X (1965 through 1989) have been brought up to believe that they can have it all. Unfortunately, the financial services industry has not kept pace. Women’s financial planning differs from traditional planning strategies historically designed males because their lives and earnings differ. Women generally paid less, have more unique career tracks including wage gaps, and family medical leave, may pay higher taxes as single heads of households, and so many more issues unique to women.

Are you planning with One-size-fits-all strategies or would you prefer something designed with YOU in mind? Does your financial strategy take all your unique circumstances into account?

Guaranteed Retirement Incomes
One of the most common and anxiety-causing fears people share when considering retirement options and timing is the possibility of outliving the money they’ve worked a lifetime to accumulate.

Build your retirement income strategy, minimize taxes, reduce market risk, maximize social security, coordinate Social Security benefits and Medicare expenses, understand RMDs, and leave the largest legacy possible for those you love most or the charity closest to your heart.

Blend insurance products and re-allocate portfolio assets to create guaranteed income for your life and the life of your spouse regardless of longevity.

Making sure your retirement is properly funded can be more challenging than ever in today’s economic environment – especially given increased the risks and concerns we face.