My best days are spent helping families learn how their money works, how to grow it, how to protect it, and how to position themselves to spend and enjoy more of it so they are happier now. 

Learn why most approaches to personal financial planning don’t work or yield the results you want and deserve. Learn the rules around how your money works and how wealth eroding factors effect your efforts to be organized, efficient, coordinated, and measurable. Learn HOW to make the best decisions around finance, HOW one decision effects another, and HOW to weed out all the noise and bad advice by understanding what elements are within your control and which you must plan to combat. Stay Calm, Sound, and Sane in today’s crazy financial climate.

As an advocate for the care and support of your special needs child, I will work to help protect public benefits and coordinate those with your family’s needs and desires now and at every stage of his or her life. 

Create the largest legacy of care – correctly and avoid inadvertently jeopardizing public benefits. 

Ensure that your strategy is carried out in your estate planning documents to minimize taxes, alleviate, or drastically reduce Medicaid Payback opportunities, and develop a coordinated care and support strategy while maintaining financial flexibility including as many guarantees as possible.

We all use the same dollars regardless of our gender. However, the financial industry hasn’t adapted to the unique needs and life circumstances of women. Together we can discuss how your income, career path, family and longevity will impact your ability to build wealth and retain it very differently from the way it works for the men in our lives. Divorce, and choices around when or if you want a family have a greater impact for you than for men. Let’s talk soon so you’re prepared for your best financial life.

 As a retirement income specialist, I help clients secure a retirement income stream they can never outlive and that takes healthcare into account. Clients learn how to preserve their wealth for generations to come. Stop worrying about running out of money, the effect of high healthcare costs or drastically reducing your lifestyle in order to meet the needs of longevity