Family Coordinated Consultation
Right for most people.
A meeting to help you and your family setup a savings plan thats curated for you
Strategy Recommendation
Review Current Strategy
Family Reconciliation
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Coordinated Consultation Discussion
Second best!
A consultation to help you and your family decide what's best for you
Expert Second Opinion
Parent Provider Referral
Housing Community Support
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General Seminar 1 Discussion
Our first seminar!
A meeting for you and your family members; basic introduction
Public Benefit Overview
Employer Based Recipient
Also offers Recipient Based
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Save Like A Lady
Right for most women
A meeting type that offers women general advice on creating effective saving plans that work for everyone.
Why Gender Matters
Right for Working Moms'
Single & Divorced Women
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Retirement Planning
Help you plan for retirement
This meeting type will offer you advice to help you setup the best possible retirement savings plan
Guarantee Your Income
Take Care of Aging Parents
Female Career Path Potentials
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Protecting Your Ability
A meeting that offers advice on your abilities and capabilities in saving them
Providing you with the skillset to protect your overall ability
Ensure Your Paycheck
Create your own pension plan
Understand the Risks
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