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Welcome to Curate Finance financial fitness. I am Beth Freudenburg, a financial strategist and I’ve been helping families understand how their money works and how to truly enjoy the fruits of their financial lives for years. It’s a pleasure to be here talking about health, fitness and all the ways our personal health is affected. 

A large portion of our ability to create and sustain a truly healthy lifestyle includes looking after our personal finances. For years, studies have pointed to personal finance as the area of people’s lives where control is seldom gained, and anxiety is more frequently the result. People feel as though they lack control, organization, and the ability to maintain their best interests amid the constantly changing environment of companies, products, taxes, fees, advisors, and life events.

Our lives are complicated and the financial world we live in feels more complicated. 

Achieving true personal health includes managing our financial lives. Becoming a good steward of wealth is easier than you might believe and has to do more with understanding how we make financial decisions and the rules of the financial industry as opposed to where we allocate investments or which broker we choose.

Are you ready to become financially healthy and leave all the stress you carry around money behind – for good?

Over the next year, we will talk a lot about what it means to be a good steward of the wealth you have been given. You’re going to learn what it feels like to look at your wealth from a consumer point-of-view instead of absorbing marketing campaigns designed to teach consumers to purchase financial products that may or may not be good ideas for you. You will look at your finances differently – as a group as opposed to a bunch of one-off choices. You will learn to protect what you have, create a budget that doesn’t cause stress while systematically saving the right amount of money, grow your wealth responsibly while decreasing risk, create the retirement that you want and deserve, and prepare a meaningful legacy – all without jeopardizing your lifestyle. 

Preparation is the most important part of any task. If you’re willing to get serious about your money, you believe in something a little bigger than yourself, and you love your family . . . welcome in. 

I encourage you to start where you are as opposed to waiting until your finances look more like where you want to be. Doing otherwise is a little like cleaning the house before the maid comes so she won’t see how you actually live. That work will always be based on a false narrative. 

I’ve taught hundreds of families the rules of the financial game and the tenets of personal financial economics. They learn how to recapture money they didn’t realize was leaking from their financial bucket and make it available for other things; how to strategically place their assets to lower and recapture taxes; create more privacy; spend less on consumer fees; be better prepared for emergencies; and put in place a plan for whatever comes their way.  

I’m Beth, your personal financial trainer. It’s nice to meet you! 

Post Author: Jackson Cymerman