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What if you had to live on 40% less guaranteed income?

Did you know that many retirees do? When they combine SSI with a pension, the resulting retirement income is often 30% to 50% less than their final salary.


That’s why so many mature investors are choosing annuities. Variable and fixed annuities can give you steady income for years, even for life, and the life of your surviving spouse. The return is more consistent than that of many other investments.


Why live on 40% less? Call me at 214-504-4833, and I’ll show you how annuities can help you create your own personal pension and lock in higher levels of guaranteed income. Or email me at to discuss your options for building out the rest of your guaranteed retirement income plan.

Post Author: Beth Freudenburg

I am lucky! I have been given the chance to both do work that I truly love and engage in that work on behalf of families who inspire me every day!
My best days are spent helping families learn how their money works, how to grow it, how to protect it, and how to position themselves to spend and enjoy more of it so they are happier now. As a retirement income specialist I help clients secure a retirement income stream they can never outlive and that takes healthcare into account. Clients learn how to preserve their wealth for generations to come.